Our core team is made up of experienced individuals with key skills, we are:

Darrel Butlin

CEO / Founder

Visionary award-winning creative industries innovator Darrel J Butlin is an Entrepreneur who puts social impact at the heart of his design. Combining expertise in Technology and Digital Media to originate cutting-edge ventures, Darrel has an international track record of working at the highest level within the commercial film industry, he is Writer, Film Director and Technologist with a dynamic intellectual property portfolio.


Phil Egli

CTO / Partner

Lead Technologist, Software Architect and coding poet, Phil’s proven abilities of constructing mission critical and robust digital technology platforms underpin the design and construction of the hexology platform. With a BSc background in Chemistry and an MSc in Information Systems, Phil’s scientific approach gives him command over the latest technologies to produce solid results.


Bob Thompson

Creative Producer

Bob has a distinguished track record creating, innovating and producing content around the cutting edge of entertainment and creative technology. Starting out in Marketing and Business Affairs he became a TV Buyer and later a Writer and Producer who has worked across more than 30 media disciplines. Bob has held senior roles at BBC and LEGO as well as providing specialist consulting to FILM LONDON. Best known for his work as a creator and producer on the LEGO BIONICLE franchise, his film, game and tv credits vary from the surreal LEGO ISLAND 2, to horror PANIC BUTTON via pre-teen music show S-CLUB 7 to the dark fantasy of ULTRAMARINES: A Warhammer 40,000 movie.

“Magicking social, game and story media out of the web and into the real world. There is just not enough coffee in the day to comprehend all the amazing opportunities hexology delivers.”

Bill Liao

Advisor / Business

Entrepreneur, Investor, Diplomat, Author & Speaker Bill Co-founded the CoderDojo movement, a free global network formed to assist young people to learn how to write code and program computers. Bill is also the Founder of Weforest, a global movement dedicated to planting trees and which now has seen 82 million planted around the world, and a General Partner with SOSV a $300m international accelerator venture capital fund that runs a life sciences Accelerator Program.

Previously, Bill co-founded XING, a pioneering business social networking platform in 2003 and served as COO of Davnet a telecommunications carrier that went public in the late 90’s. Bill serves as a special diplomatic envoy for St Kitt’s and Nevis, with an emphasis on sustainable development and the environment. He is also chair of the investment committee of the Nominet Trust in the UK. Author of three books, he is a regular speaker at many events and venues such as The London School of Economics, The World Economic Forum, The Globe Forum in Sweden, The House of Commons and TED as well as TEDx.

Stuart Wilson

Advisor / Web 3

Technology Innovator Stuart Wilson is a leading industry figure. Rising to prominence in the early 90’s, he filed a patent in 2009 for the design of a software testing automation system and was involved in the original concepts that lead to the launch of Comakery.com. He was Vice-President of Technology at American Express for 7 years, an Advisor to Narwhal.ai, and most recently Head of Blockchain Innovation for the leading Fintech Payments organisation Earthport PLC. As a Technologist who has been on the cutting edge for many years, Stuart works closely with the UK innovation agency Innovate UK, Digital Catapult Brighton, NQIT (quantum computing) and the Singularity University, and through his work on CADI he supports a range of other academic institutions.

Dr. Adam Smith

Advisor / Quant

Quantitative Analyst Dr. Adam Smith is a Mathematician and Economist who has worked in Banking and Markets. His recent interest in software, finance and cryptocurrencies led him to work for the Royal Mint on a project that launched the new cryptocurrency, Royal Mint Gold. Adam believes “The unique location specific service #hexology provides, combined with its own crypto-token has far reaching potential and will lead in compelling new directions.”