Hexology for Business  |  Hospitality

New Mobile Standards

  • The surge in remote working has accelerated the adoption of mobile technology
  • People are accustomed to fast online communication #hexology enables you to deliver your content at a pace people expect

Contactless Interaction

  • Enhance the customer experience with touch-free access to virtual content
  • Virtual content promotes self-service, collaboration and streamlines a channel of communication

Branding Matters

  • Posting content into your collections raises awareness of your brand
  • When you update a collection with a new post it is automatically sent to everyone, even when they are at home

Advances in technology and user experience design are evolving consumer expectations – forcing society to adapt

Innovation at its creative best, the opportunity to offer a unique guest experience to those who enter your event, property, or venue all at the tip of your fingers. This WILL change the way our guests experience their time in our care.

Claire Catliff MIH

Founder, Love Luxury Events

Enhance the world around you

To bring Hexology into your world

Enhance the Customer Experience in your Hotel

Imagine a layer of digital content floating in and around the objects, spaces and places inside your hotel, for your guests to discover. Serving customers with personalised content that magically appears on your phone as you walk into a room, read a menu or sit in the…

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Innovations in Hospitality

Innovation is at its peak; society is forced to adapt in response to rapid consumer changes. Mobile technology was already popular pre-pandemic, but the lockdowns and the surge in remote working have accelerated its adoption, to establish it as a social, cultural and…

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