Your Digital Self and Physical Self together as one!

Broadcast Your Message

Instead of posting your message online, send it to hex and it will broadcast it to anyone within a 25m radius.

Contact New People

Reach out and connect automatically without pairing, hex enables you to discover who and what is around you.

Enrich Your World

Place digital narratives in real locations for people to pick up when they are nearby. It’s as simple as posting a tweet.

Shine your amazing creativity out from wherever you are. #hex connects you to an audience you can literally reach out and physically touch, so your passion and creativity can be effortlessly discovered, treasured and replied to by anyone near you.

Stylish, Rugged & Waterproof

#hex is working non-stop, constantly broadcasting and sharing your media with people nearby to deliver a snappy user experience. All without the use of the internet, so it works in a cave, on a mountain or at sea – no data charges apply.

Fast & Secure

To protect your privacy all data stored inside hex is encrypted

Pin number keys are used under-the-hood to give moderator control

2 x 64K memory chips are built-in, for user data and the operating system

Firmware updates are delivered via Bluetooth using the #hexology app