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Now Form of Media Interaction

  • Posting content into real locations connects people and instantly opens the door to the community and the activities around them

Networking people & places around you

  • Break down barriers with frictionless interactions
  • Promote content to people nearby and open communication channels

Real-time Insights & Intelligence

  • Gather real-time insights into your audience and understand the performance of your content at an event.

Marked by a high level of interest and competency in media technology, the current generation of digital natives require advanced methods of communication to satisfy their increasing digital sophistication


want new experiences, to participate, play and share new forms of communication

Artists & Speakers

want access to effective mechanisms that engage audiences


want to reach new audiences, distribute promotional materials and build community


want insights and intelligence into the connections & opportunities around them

Venue Owners

want to promote their venue, their programme of events and build a following


want to leverage #hexology to grow their event in terms of size, awareness and engagement

Every person, place & thing has a profile of their own to build a social presence

Let us help you create an event with Hexology

Event Planning

Events and spaces created in venues for audiences to enjoy, explore and build connections, are environments that #hexology seeks to transform into a peak experience. Whether the aim is to bring people together and build a community, share information or engage people…

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Narrative Space Design

Engaging people in a narrative about your business, hobby or activity is a powerful way to promote an event, raise awareness or share experiences. For the audience, it is a journey of discovery and what if the start point was seeded in a real location, such as a…

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