Imagine a layer of digital information floating in the air around you




Create Peak Experiences

  • Weave your digital media into real locations to stimulate, excite and engage audiences at a deeper level
  • Start a journey of discovery with location-based content

Engage & Build Community

  • Reach out and connect with people around you
  • Promote content and drive conversions
  • Open communication channels to build your brand

Human Interaction Intelligence

  • Deploy frictionless contact free interactions
  • Every digital exchange creates a measurable footprint
  • Capture real-time analytics and intelligence

Targeted Advertising

Product Placement

Demographic Analysis

Lead Generation

Social Commerce

Crowd Intelligence

Social Distance Tracking

Contact Tracing

Attention Economics

AI Assistance

Hexology is such an interesting and exciting piece of technology, allowing for digital discovery and sharing of important and educational information at specific locations and much more. I’m looking forward to seeing how the technology evolves¬†as its potential implications for communities, tourism and accessibility could be extremely powerful.

Alice Reeves

Director, The Joyful

Manage human interactions in a seamless way

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Innovations in Hospitality

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Event Planning

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Narrative Space Design

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Creative Agency

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Client Project

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